OutRAGE at Fusion

OutRAGE at Fusion


IGNition returns to Fusion after 16 months away!


The IGNition rumble will return at OutRAGE, 20 competitors will enter but there can only be one winner and they will earn themselves a championship match. There will be debuts, long awaited returns and all of your IGNition favourites vying for the chance at the gold.

Who will be victorious? Find out at OutRAGE!


Soner Dursun has been TNT IGNition champion for over 2 years, the second-longest reign of any type in TNT, but is his time coming to an end?

At Sky's The Limit, Tom Thelwell made his presence known by challenging Soner Dursun, and rightfully so, Soner said that Tom didn't deserve a championship match, that is until later on when The Future Ace managed to pin the Turkish Wolf in the middle of the ring to the surprise of the champion. Due to this, Tom has elevated himself right up the rankings and now will get his championship match at Outrage.

Can the Prince of IGNition defeat the champion for a second time and earn his place in history?

Will The Turkish Wolf extend his reign at the expense of Tom Thelwell?


We know that the Damn Dirty Dog, Gene Munny is making his way to TNT and he’s going to face someone who thinks HE is the top dog in the IGNition division; Scott Oberman.

Last show Scott Oberman did the unthinkable when he pinned Kameron Solas to win the briefcase which contains a championship match of his choosing and he will be looking to make a statement to show exactly why he is in the position he is in.

Gene Munny will want to show the TNT audience exactly what he is capable of, perhaps he will be able to bring Oberman down a peg or two, and if he does, will that push him right up the rankings to possible challenge the TNT IGNition champion, Soner Dursun?


Leyton Buzzard has made quite an impact at our last weekend of shows. He had a match of the night contender with Kid Lykos 2 in which he nearly captured the Ultimate X Championship, the following night he took Nico Angelo to his limit and managed to make him submit in the middle of the ring.

His opponent at OutRAGE is a man who is loved everywhere he goes, the charismatic Man Like Dereiss wants to make his presence known at TNT and will be taking on Buzzard to show what he is made of.

Will Buzzard continue his IGNition winning ways or will Dereiss bring the 0121 fire?


The Martini Daddy has been on a mean streak of late, he is on a warpath - as a member of our ring crew can attest to when Chase Alexander cracked him with the chair shot heard all around Merseyside!

His next stop though is no easy feat, the high flying, daredevil Nico Angelo will be looking to get back to winning ways coming off his loss to Leighton Buzzard at Sky's The Limit. Nico has everything to gain and nothing to lose at the expense of Chase Alexander.

Who will come out on top when they clash at OutRAGE?

VIP Doors 2pm - £20

General Doors 3pm - £10

First Bell 3:30pm Approx finish 6pm