TNT Extreme Wrestling new COVID-19 procedures

TNT Extreme Wrestling new COVID-19 procedures


In accordance with the Government's guidelines, we have drawn up these brand new measures & procedures to keep everyone safe upon our return to running live shows.

For the Fans Queuing & Entry

• Fans will be asked to keep their distance in the queue outside the venue. As per Government guidelines a minimum of 1 metre must be kept and we ask that groups attending keep their numbers to a maximum of 6 to a party.

• Upon entry to the venue one member from the group will be asked to give their contact details which will only be kept on record to alert you of an outbreak.

• Every paying customer, member of Staff and Performing Talent (PT) will be issued a TNT branded face mask when you event the venue. You are required by law to wear a face mask if you’re using public transport to attend a TNT event.

• You will be required to use the provided hand sanitizer upon your entry.

During the Event

• We will have designated areas for each group or member of the audience marked out on the floor and ask you respectfully keep to your area during matches.

• We will have capped capacity for both TNT Extreme & TNT IGNition shows to ensure maximum safety for those who wish to attend. Hangar34 will be capped to 150 tickets & Fusion Nightclub will be capped to 100 tickets.

• Please keep your distance from one another when using the bathroom facilities and use the sanitary products provided to clean your hands after use.

• There will be no standing allowed at the bar area and a cordon will be set up in front of the bar to protect you and the bar staff.

Leaving the Event

• We will be implementing a one-way system in and out of both venues to the best of our and the venue’s ability.